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• Why should I consider Heat Recovery to make hot water?

Many homeowners, or business owners are already paying to have a climate control system in their house or a walk-in refrigeration system at their business and additionally paying to heat their water for laundry, showers, dishwashing, etc. Hot water heating can be 40% of your annual heating costs. Why pay twice?

Heat recovery units are an economical way to get a quick return on investment and see immediate savings. Because it is an add on device and not an entire system, the Enviro-Pak does not require you to replace your existing equipment.

• How does the Enviro-Pak work?

The Enviro-Pak needs to be connected to a refrigeration system. It also connects to the water heater. The hot refrigerant gas from the AC heats the cool water from the water tank. The hot water continues into the water tank and the cooled refrigerant re-enters. Another side effect of the Enviro-Pak is that it can improve the efficiency and life of your air conditioner or refrigeration system. The compressor doesn't have to work as hard, draws less power, and the work load is reduced by up to 3 SEER. As a result, it runs more efficiently and can save you up to 15% on cooling costs.

Also, Enviro-Pak outperforms all HRU's of this size by 7%.

• Can I really save money?

Absolutley! If you consider that valuable waste heat is actually escaping into the air from your refrigeration system. Enviro-Pak can cut water heating costs by 50%. Together with the improved cooling costs, your savings could be about $700 a year! That is a competetive return on investment.

Also, Enviro-Pak can be installed when it is serviced for a changeout. This will save on labor and installation costs.

• Will the Enviro-Pak work with any air conditioner or refrigeration system?

Yes, all brands are compatible with EnviroPak. Enviro-Pak just needs a heating source like the waste heat from an AC or refrigeration system.

• What does a standard Enviro-Pak come equipped with?

The standard Enviro-Pak comes equipped with R-22 and ozone-friendly R410a compatible exchangers

  • R-22 and ozone-friendly R410a compatible exchangers
  • Indicator lights for operation and safety diagnostics
  • Fully insulated vented double wall heat exchanger
  • Wall bracket for easy installation
  • controls and pump mounted and wired for simple installation
  • 5 year limited warranty on heat exchanger
  • Available in stainless steel and white powdercoat enclosures for long life and durability
  • Freeze-stat protection
  • high and low water limit
  • 22-25 gallons per hour (with 3 ton unit) heating capability
  • the quality, reliability and peace of mind you've come to expect

• Can Enviro-Pak function alongside or alternate with other kinds of systems, like geothermal or solar systems?

Enviro-Pak is frequently used with with geothermal systems and has been utilized as a reliable backup to solar water heating systems

• How can I get an Enviro-Pak?

Enviro-Pak is available through a growing distributor / representative network in the US and internationally. You can also tell your AC contractor to install an Enviro-Pak Heat Recovery Unit in your home. Give us a call and we will assist you.

• What type of information would I need to determine if this is the product for me?

Helpful information would include

  • # of btu's or tons .
  • number of people in the household or facility
  • current cost of heating (oil, electric, gas)
  • current heat source
  • number of months out of the year that the AC or refrigeration system is in use.

Check out the Savings Calculator on the website and plug in your numbers to determine your return on investment and savings.

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