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Tru-TwistIce Hockey rinks

Kitchen and Bath

Heating and Cooling in office buildings and factories

Turbotec's unique TRU-TWIST properties allow for compact designs to pack maximum performance in minimum space for potable water applications. Double wall heat exchanger tubing is the heart of today's water source heat pumps, chillers and heat recovery systems. Our superior vented double wall heat transfer technology approaches single wall performance while meeting code requirements for domestic hot water in a variety of applications such as food processing plants, bottling facilities, restaurants, hotels and ice skating rinks, etc.

Solar HXDomestic hot water

Radiant (in-floor ) heating systems where domestic hot water is needed

Forced hot air systems

Marine hot water

Snow melt system where domestic hot water is needed

SunBoost solar heat exchangers with TRU-TWIST technology available in all copper single and double wall. SunBoost can be paired with a solar collector to create a solar thermal hot water system.

Pool or Spa water applicationsTurboFlow

Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

Water source Heat Pumps

Pool-Safe heat exchangers are designed specifically for the swimming pool heat pump market. These heat exchangers are built with high performance Titanium and plastic which will withstand the effects of chloride and other chemicals found in pool water.

GR buttonBoiler Heat Exchangers

Wood Boilers (Thermosyphons) -Wood fired hydronic furnace

High efficiency tubing used exclusively in high efficiency condensing boiler applications.

Heat Recovery for Enviro-Pak


Food processing plants, Industrial Institutions

By using the waste heat from larger air conditioning or refrigeration systems, the ENVIRO-TEMP provides large commercial buildings instantaneous savings for hot water from 10 to 200 ton applications.


TurboFlowResidential and Commercial Heating and Cooling

Marine Conditioning

Geothermal Systems

TURBO-FLOW coaxial coils use our TRU-TWIST inner tubes that create a turbulent flow and provide more heat transfer surface into a compact package. Whether it is geothermal systems or marine applications, TURBO-FLOW coils provide increased performance that fit the bill.

Enviro-PakHeat Recovery for

Residences Restaurants, Hotels, Laundromats, Spas / Resorts, Sports / Medical Facilities

ENVIRO-PAK provides free hot water while increasing air conditioning and refrigeration efficiency. Connects to a standard A/C system to provide domestic hot water for residential and light commercial applications.


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